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    Winchester Womens’ Specialists has a long tradition of providing appropriate obstetrics and gynecological care to women of all ages.  Our patients come to us from the outskirts of Northern Virginia, from West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Our office is located conveniently at Winchester Medical Center’s campus, which affords us the opportunity to have more time available for our obstetrical and surgical inpatients and our office outpatients.  All of our physicians are Board Certified and specialty trained to assist women and their families with the most current obstetrical and gynecological medical guidance.  All our physicians participate in emergency call services and maintain the highest level of active privileges at Winchester Medical Center and the Winchester Outpatient Surgical Center.  In addition, our physicians maintain an active network of physicians and hospitals outside our immediate geographic area, so that necessary referral resources are available to our patients and their families in the medical specialty areas of infertility, high risk obstetrics, neonatal medicine, oncology, gastroenterology, urology and other necessary  medical specialties.

    It is important to us that we provide our patients with access to technology important to the diagnosis and treatment of medical care.  To accomplish this, we provide in our office the following services:

    • Screening Digital Mammography
    • 3D/4D Ultrasound Sonography
    • CLIA certified Laboratory


    Screening mammography is critical in the battle to prevent and fight breast cancer.  We are committed to making this a convenient service for our patients to utilize as they come in for their annual visits, and we are proud to have demonstrated an outstanding record for first time screenings in the State of Virginia.  In 2009, we moved from traditional film technology to the most current digital mammography available.  In addition, we have a strong relationship with Winchester Medical Center and its radiologists for patients requiring more extensive diagnostic testing, along with direct referral relationships with surgeons specializing in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.


    Winchester Womens has current state-of-the art ultrasound technology.  The HD11 XE system contains advanced high definition imaging technologies and an innovative design that fosters easier, more efficient exams.  You’ll appreciate seeing and understanding the amazingly clear images, including breathtaking 3D and 4D images for obstetrical patients.  Diagnostic imaging affords us the opportunity for better gynecological views important to the diagnostic process.  Our imaging capability on site enables our physicians to capture information necessary to provide you with the best possible care.

    CLIA certified Laboratory

    Winchester Womens maintains a fully certified lab on site.  This provides considerable convenience to our patients for any and all lab testing for both gynecological and obstetrical patients.  Walk-in lab services within certain hours are available to our current patients for routine screenings, such as pregnancy tests, urinary tract infections and yeast infections.  Our patients can receive testing services that are reviewed by our physicians and treatment initiated quickly, if necessary.

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