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  • What to expect

    Confirmation of Pregnancy Visit

    Congratulations!  You just found out you are pregnant.

    At your first pregnancy visit we will:

    • Take a full medical and pregnancy history
    • Please note the first day of your last menstrual period and bring that date with you
    • Confirm your pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test
    • Full physical exam
    • PAP smear if appropriate for your age and medical history
    • STD screening
    • You will NOT have an ultrasound at this visit- your provider will discuss your last menstrual period and history with you to make sure the right type of ultrasound is ordered when medically appropriate.
    • Please bring any questions you may have with you about your pregnancy to your appointment with you and your provider would be happy to answer them.

    New OB Visit

    If you have not already had an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy before this appointment this will be when you have your first ultrasound.  Ideally this appointment would occur 1-2 weeks after your confirmation of pregnancy visit.  Along with your ultrasound at this visit we will:

    • Confirm your due date
    • Discuss options for genetic screening in pregnancy
    • Routine pregnancy bloodwork
    • Review healthy pregnancy habits
    • Again, please bring any questions you may have with you to your appointment to discuss with your provider.

    Routine Prenatal Visits

    After your first 2 pregnancy visits (Confirmation and New OB Visit):

    • Every 4 weeks until approximately 26-28wks of pregnancy
    • Every 2 weeks from approximately 28wks-36wks of pregnancy
    • Every week from 36wks until delivery

    What to expect at routine prenatal visits:

    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure
    • Urine Checked for Glucose & Protein
    • Fetal Heart Rate Check with Doppler
    • Measurement of uterus (>20wks)
    • Discussion with provider about what to expect as pregnancy progresses
    • Please bring questions/concerns with you to every visit to discuss with provider


    Major Milestones in Pregnancy

    1st Trimester= Conception-12wks and 6 days

    2nd Trimester= 13wks- 27wks and 6 days

    3rd Trimester= 28wks- Delivery

    Morphology/Anatomy Ultrasound– routinely done between 19wks and 21wks of pregnancy

    Glucose Tolerance Test (Diabetes Testing): between 26-28wks of pregnancy

    Group Beta Strep Testing: routinely done during the 36th week of pregnancy

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