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    Effective Monday June 7th, we will allow one ADULT support person to accompany patients to their appointments. Everyone entering the office will be required to properly wear a mask during the entire visit. Children are not permitted in the office unless they are an infant and can remain in a carrier with the ability to be covered during the appointment. Everyone is expected to be free of any potential covid symptoms when entering. If you are not feeling well, please contact us prior to your appointment. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this trying time.


    EFFECTIVE 3/15/2021

    Due to the recent decreases in covid cases in our immediate area, we have decided to open up ONE aspect of our services to allow patients the ability to have someone accompany them. For our OB patients, you will now be allowed to bring ONE person with you for your anatomy ultrasound. This is the ONLY ultrasound that we are permitting anyone to bring someone. The person accompanying the patient can not have anyone else with them (this includes infants/children), must be masked and remain masked for the entire time that they are in the office, must also be covid screened prior to the appointment, cannot have had covid in the past 14 days, and cannot be currently ill. This person will wait in the hall while the patient checks in and will be brought back to the ultrasound room when the patient is called back. Upon completion of the scan, the person will return to the hall. No one will accompany the patient into the exam room for the visit following the ultrasound. As this is still an evolving situation, we will continue to monitor our local situation, as well as recommendations by the CDC and will update as we can. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time if the need arises. As always, thank you for your understanding.


    Insurance Update

    Please be aware that at this time we do not participate with Cigna connect insurance. Unfortunately we are being advised that it is by invitation only to par with them. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Holiday Hours

    the office will close by 3 pm today and will be closed tomorrow. We will reopen on Monday January 4th. Happy New Year everyone!

    Holiday Hours

    The practice will close today at noon and will be closed tomorrow. We will reopen Monday December 28th. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Office hours for 12/17

    The office will be closed this morning due to the road conditions. We will attempt to open this afternoon, if that changes ,this page and the practice Facebook page will be updated later this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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